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Inspired in the NuxtJS Content Theme Docs and NuxtJS Blog.


Add to the home screen (Installable)
Offline support
Robots.txt generation
Sitemap generation
Feed generation
SEO optimized
Social sharing widget
Dark and light mode
Blog Post reading time
Easily customizable

Live examples

Default templateIt is the default template that is generated when you scaffold a project with the create-nuxt-blog cli.
MyTechBlog.ioIt is my personal blog. It was while developing it that I had the idea to make it a theme that could be used by other people. You can find the source code here.
Nuxt blog cloneIt is a clone of the official NuxtJS blog that served as the base for this theme. You can find the source code here.

Other examples

To see the following examples, you need to clone the repository and run the examples locally.

Overriding componentsExample of how you can override the layout components.
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